A New Year Treat

    2011 is now upon us
    So let’s make a success of the year
    I wish you success for all your projects and endeavours
    So some advice you must now hear

    To start I will quote from Rudyard Kipling
    He said it so very well
    As soon as I heard it, I got immediately thinking
    This advice to you all I must tell

    “I keep six honest serving men
    (They taught me all I knew)
    Their names are what and why and when
    And where and how and who.”

    So these are the questions you must answer
    When making the business plan
    These are the things that if explained correctly
    Potential funders will readily understand

    Also, building a team is absolutely essential
    Don’t be tempted to go it alone
    One-man projects rarely reach their potential
    And stay in the twilight zone

    Here at DMC we do lots of training
    And for you we’ll always go that extra mile
    So we advise you to spend some time in 2008
    Building your corporate profile

    I mean fax numbers, phone numbers, web and email
    As well as, how your phone gets answered
    I mean office address and dealing with mail
    To avoid embarrassing disasters

    So I wish you a happy and prosperous new year
    That brings you a wealth beyond just money
    So my cryptic wish for those with an ear
    Is that you get both the milk and also the honey

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