Banksta Rap

My Name is Able GoldSteal
The Original Banksta Rapper
let me store all your gold for you
(and give you back something certainly crapper)

Bank charges and interest are not my greatest con’
even million dollar bonuses are just a little fun
I take a single dollar and lend out another ten
Then on top of that charge, perhaps another 20% again

Mafioso, politicians and others have their little scams
But we Banksta Rappers always have the upper hand
We create money out of nothing!
Money for which you spend your working days grafting
And when I witness that everyday I must admit that I role around laughing

Yes it’s me the Original Banksta Rapper who everyone tries to please
To whom the media, politicians and more come grovelling on their knees
We used to create money as fast as we could print
But now with computers we can certainly even save on the ink

Of course, our real enemy is currencies of silver and gold
While our friends are democracies with populations we can easily mold
For those who do see the light, we can of course simply brand them some kind of terrorist
And failing that, it’s not hard to provoke another murderous military blitz

Yes this banking scam is certainly my best one ever
You must admit that I am extremely clever
I really have no loyalty to race, nation or even religion
All I have is very clear position
Greed, money, control, profit is my absolute and total vision

Of course this is just the tip of the Iceberg
Our tentacles go very far
In worldwide, famine, disease and poverty we have certainly played the major part
Even de-forestation and over-fishing that leave the planet stark.

Of course all YOU can see is bank charges, interest and million dollar bonuses
Suits me Banksta Rapper fine, BUT PLEASE “don’t forget to pay your taxes!”

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