Fundraising Events, Aren’t They Just Wonderful?

Imagine this. You organise some abasailing down the tallest building in your town or city (or village) as a charity stunt. The owners of the building not only give permission but cover the cost and encourage some of their own staff to take part. A good start.

You charge participants a big fee to take part and you insist that they also get additional sponsorship which you will help them with. It’s getting better but we’re not done yet.

You involve the press who run with the story weeks before the jump which gives you additional absailors (all paying to take part), more sponsorship options and so donations begin to flood in. Not only that but it ensures a crowd on the day who will also be asked to donate. The local radio interviews participants prior to the event who all explain their selfless reasons for wanting to absail down this building. More enquiries, more donations and the TV station hasn’t even showed up yet. Of course you ensure that all absailors will be given a certificate to be awarded at a fundraising auction or dinner to be held, coincidentally, one week after this event and which you unashamedly plug at every opportunity, making use of this extended press coverage

You ensure that all sponsorship forms are gift aid proofed meaning an extra 28p or so, for perhaps the majority of donations which you can claim from the government.

That’s what’s great about fundraising events, every step of the way is a fundraising event in itself. The venue, things to auction, catering, entertainment, cash collectors etc. Nothing should be paid for, you get everything covered through donations and sponsorship long before the event starts. That is the secret of a successful fundraising event, it should cost you absolutely nothing.